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My name is Lasse Mørkehøj Christiansen, is from the year 1979, and I am currently living in Hedensted (Jutland).

I trained as a store assistant back in 2001, and after a number of years with both store sales and telephone sales, I chose to change industry.

I therefore chose to train as a multimedia designer, and was so lucky to get an internship at TV2 Denmark’s on-air / promotion department, where I met a lot of exciting people and found my passion for Motion-Graphics, 3D-Animation and Video- / Sound editing. It caught my interest so much that I continued to improve my skills in both the production of motion graphics and TV production.

In order to be able to offer the entire “package”, I chose in 2017 to train as a Media Graphic Designer. Since I had gained an incredible amount of experience from the digital world, I also think I wanted to improve my skills in the printed world, so I was once again lucky and got an apprenticeship with Harald Nyborg A / S in Odense. Where I both learned to make print media and more.

As a person, I am easy going, meeting stable, smiling, curious, positive minded and ready to take responsibility in any situation.

I am certainly not afraid to grab and scratch when busy.

When things go really fast, I manage to maintain an overview, and then I am often told that I am a good colleague.

I work both independently and preferably in teams and seriously with any task and takes pride in being punctual and conscientious. I see every task as a challenge and am always happy to learn new things.

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